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      來源:http://www.declicmana.com/ 日期:2021-07-30 發布人:hengxin


      The wear is divided into three stages. The cemented carbide ground by multi blade saw blade has an initial wear stage, and then enters the normal wear stage. When the wear reaches the specified degree, sharp wear will occur.
      The grinding times are few. Before sharp wear, the service life of the saw blade can be prolonged by grinding.
      Use and maintenance of saw blade of alloy milling cutter
      Cemented carbide is widely used as the teeth of modern industry. Carbide circular saw blade milling cutter is suitable for cutting carbide materials such as alloy structural steel, carburized steel, high-speed steel and spring steel, as well as various aluminum materials and cemented carbide dramas. Attention to use and maintenance is as follows:
      The carbide saw blade milling cutter is made of integral cemented carbide and has sharp and sensitive cutting edge. Therefore, during the movement, installation and disassembly of the saw blade, be careful to protect the alloy head from damage.
      Regularly check the radial runout (± 0.02mm) and swing (± 0.0mm) of the machine spindle.
      Before installing the saw blade, remove the sundries on the main shaft and flange. The flange surface shall be flat, clean and perpendicular to the shaft.
      The size of the saw blade / 3 flange shall be as large as possible to ensure the smooth operation of the saw blade.
      After the saw blade is installed stably, it shall idle for 30 seconds and start cutting after it is determined to be normal.
      When installing the saw blade, the flange nut must be tightened correctly. Too loose saw blade will slip when rotating, and too tight saw blade will produce internal damage or deformation, affecting the cutting effect.
      Before cutting, the operator shall wear protective articles (protective glasses, dust mask, protective cap and protective gloves) and check whether the protective cover of the saw machine is intact.
      The resin, debris and other sundries gathered on the sawtooth and the side of the saw plate must be removed frequently, because the continuous accumulation of adhesive will increase the resistance, resulting in high energy consumption and rough cutting quality. If the cutting edge is blunt at the same time, it may cause sawtooth damage.
      Corrosive solvents should be avoided during cleaning. When the saw blade is not used for a long time, the saw blade shall be cleaned and polished. After oil antirust treatment, it shall be placed in the original carton.

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